Great Memories of Kenwood Dances, Mira, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Invitation to Join Cape Breton-Nova Scotia-The Home Of Our Hearts



Mira Gut is located at the mouth of the Mira River where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. The history of Mira Gut begins with the French at Louisbourg. Early settlers were Acadian, but later Loyalists arrived. As coal mining began to prosper in the 1800’s in the Cape Breton area, Mira Gut became an important stop on the Sydney and Louisbourg (S&L) railway. The railway was operated by the Dominion Coal Company, which was formed in 1893. A station was constructed here, as well as a bridge across the river. Coal would be hauled to the port of Louisbourg in the winter months to be shipped from the ice free port. This replaced an earlier bridge constructed by the Gisborne Railway Co. farther up the river. The former S&L bridge is today used by trucks and passenger vehicles. Mira Gut, at one time, had a number of stores, as well as a school, and the Mira Bay Baptist Church. Two halls served the area – the Sylvan Hall, and Kenwood, a popular dance hall for many years until the 1960’s. Mira Gut was also known for its steamships, particularly those operated by the Phillips and Nicoll company, which ran until the 1920’s. Passenger vessels ran on a reduced basis until 1956. Today, the Mira Gut beach is a major recreation area and is visited by large numbers each summer.




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