TR(Television Radio) Ranch Boys, Sydney, Cape Breton-Nova Scotia


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ECMA ’98 – The Radio Ranch Boys March 1, 1998 via Home of our Hearts-Cape Breton

The Radio Ranch Boys entertained us circa 1950’s and 1960’s weekly on CJCB TV and Radio. The TV show ran every Thursday Night from 7.00-7.30 PM. Kudos to the boys & girls for all the fine entertainment they provided us


The ECMA Stompin’ Tom Awards exist to honour all the hard-working, unsung heroes who make music for the love of it, not the money. When Stompin’ Tom Connors was awarded the Dr. Helen Creighton Lifetime Achievement Award during the 1993 ECMA in PEI, he accepted on the condition that it would bring recognition to the real heroes of Eastern Canadian music who had day jobs all their lives and didn’t really have the option of making a living playing music in the “pre-industrial age”. He established a set of criteria to be used in identifying eligible candidates and this year, a committee of Atlantic Canadian folklorists chose Cape Breton’s The Radio Ranch Boys as one of five recipients of 1998 ECMA Stompin’ Tom Awards.

“We had more nerve than a rotten tooth,” says Traynor Donovan from the podium as he dedicates the award to the late Mickey MacIntyre and Sid Martell who were members of the group which formed in the 1950’s. “Six guys in a Volkswagen with a doghouse bass, one head stickin’ out on each side,” was how he described their travel arrangements back in the days when they’d play as often as six or seven nights a week.

The other members of this pioneer band, along with Donovan, MacIntyre and Martell are Byron MacPhee, Sean Waye and Joe Waye.


14 thoughts on “TR(Television Radio) Ranch Boys, Sydney, Cape Breton-Nova Scotia

  1. Thank you! Mickey was my Dad, I am 55 and remember this well, I know and/or knew all six members. I tried to find some detail concerning this on the ECMA site a few years back and had no luck. This photo and the accompanying explanation is perfect, exactly what I hoped to see. I have shared this with my Mom, sisters and brothers, and children. Great job! 🙂

  2. Hi Tom-when I receive remarks like this-it makes me proud-the fruits of my efforts

    Thanks kindly-am proud that it was well received

    Tom MacDonald

  3. 47years ago Mickey and the boys played for our wedding reception.We got to the hall ,no pianoso M ickey and some of the men went to his home and bought his piano to the hall.the party continued and they were great.GREAT GROUP OF MEN..tThat,s the way they were.

  4. Recall Annie in the mid 50’s going to Mira to a cottage owned by a Jim Wetherbee from Sydney. Sid & Cecile were always there providing round the fire entertainment

    To me they were big stars and they still are to me

  5. I remember this group so well from our youth. Mickey Mac Intyre was my first cousin and I recognize some faces that are familiar in this picture. Sister Mae Howiie remembers them playing at dances when she was a teenager.

  6. Only recall Cecelia

    Traynor Donavon just died a few months back-he was about 92-I called him regarding this post where he lived in Glace Bay

  7. Tom is right the other lady was Helen MacAulay the pianist for the Joe Murphy Swing band which had the Barn Dance on T V . Her maiden name was an Adore from George St .and a long time friend of our family (Tobin and MacIntyre) Her sister Lise was married to Julio Tonell who if memory serves me right played with Emilio Pace, who married another sister. I married Mickey in 1953 and my memories of those musical years are pretty good. So many wonderful friends!

  8. …..does anyone remember a band that played on a cjcb radio show in Sydney in the late forties’ early fifties’ with possible band members Dave Cadden, Joe Waye Sr., Biffy Gouthro etc.etc……..they may have been called the “something” Seven????

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