Remember Tom Thumb Potato Chips? Hatfield and Scotties Potato Chips?-Glace Bay-Cape Breton

The Home Of Our Hearts, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia




Hostess was first formed in 1935 when Edward Snyder began cooking chips on his mother’s kitchen stove in Breslau, outside Kitchener, Ontario. Potato chips remained a fairly small part of the snack food market until the 1950s, when snack foods in general became much more widely available. In 1955, Snyder sold his company to E.W. Vanstone, who expanded the company greatly before selling his interest to General Foods in 1959.[1]

Hostess grew to become the #1 brand through this period and into the 1980s. Their powerful distribution channels made competing on price difficult, and shelf space for competing products was difficult to find, notably in smaller stores such as gas stations. The brand also gained a strong reputation for quality at the expense of other brands. Their packaging was instantly recognisable, featuring simple graphics and colour schemes. For much of the brand’s history, only three flavours were sold; Regular in a blue package, Salt and Vinegar in yellow, and BBQ in deep red. The power of the brand was such that competitors generally used the same colours on their packaging as well, creating a standard of sorts.

In the mid-1970s, Hostess decided to expand their lineup and introduced three new flavours, Orange, Cherry and Grape. The attempt was a dismal failure, and the products disappeared from stores only a few months later. The products were so poorly received they remain a topic of derision to this day. Newer introductions followed, starting with the popular Sour Cream and Onion shortly after the fruit flavours disappeared. This was a huge success, and was followed by a series of other now-common flavours such as Dill Pickle and Ketchup.

In the 1980s, the chips had new mascots known as the Munchies, that were used for advertisements as well as appearing on the chip packaging. The Munchies were three friendly goblin-type creatures coloured red, orange, and yellow.





2 thoughts on “Remember Tom Thumb Potato Chips? Hatfield and Scotties Potato Chips?-Glace Bay-Cape Breton

  1. wow brings back childhood memories, of when my mother worked in a corner store.did you know that the original scotties chip bag, had a scottish girl in a kilt on the bottom of the bag.Hatfield chips use to have a childrens auction every saturday at radio station CHNS in Halifax. you would save all the empty bags and use them for points to bid on prizes.other chips at the time were captain kid and new era. there use to be a potato chip that you could only buy at the movie theatre i believe it was called maple leaf chips and they were always stale.also scotties at one point put a red star on their bags, that you could cut out and save. if you collected 50 stars scotties would send you one in a series of hard cover books such as treasure island, gullivers travels etc.well it was nice to find your site, hope my info i send you find interesting. all the best danny doiron.

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